Work: Exhausting but fun

I hold a job at the Village Gate Retirement Home on their kitchen staff. It’s not glamorous work, but it is work. I have some real fun doing the work there.

After getting off my shift today, I was absolutely exhausted! It was hard to keep myself awake so I could hold a conversation with my family.

While I’m very tired from the fast-paced work at Village Gate, I take a few good signs from it. First, I must have been productive because I’m so tired! Second, I got to promote the show I’m in to my coworkers and the residents we served. Third, I got to meet some fantastic residents. One who when she saw me immediately asked if I was Irish. I said yes and we got into a discussion on our respective heritages, which is something I enjoy discussions. The other favorite resident was a woman from Massachusetts who went to Boston University, my school! Not only did she go there, her grandfather founded the School of Music at BU! It was so cool getting to hear her story. It made the work a bit more fun knowing who I was serving.

I’ll have fun with this job!



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